New Pashmina Shawl From Kashmir / Real Pashmina Wool Handmade 100%

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WE CERTIFY THAT THIS IS AN AUTHENTIC GENUINE HANDMADE, HAND EMBROIDERED, FINEST WOOLEN SHAWL. The embroidery is done by needle with a silk thread which takes nearly about three months to six months to complete this embroidery. The design is called laskashur. All the workmanship guaranteed to perform by an adult.

Product Info:

Brand new, never worn, in factory sealed package

Approximate measurement: 28″ wide X 72″ long including fringes, 4″ hand knotted tassels at each ends

Approximate weight: 6.5 ozs

Colors: 40 colors to choose from.

The Pashmina Story

Pashmina, from the Persian word for wool, is popularly known in the west as cashmere wool, from the old spelling for Kashmir. The fine wool comes from the undercoat of Himalayan mountain goat, raised by semi-nomadic herders. The Tibetan plateau provides the ideal environment for pashmina growth. For over a thousand years cashmere has been woven into shawls and blankets, prized by royalty and common people alike for its softness, warmth, and long life. The fiber is exceptionally absorbent, and it dyes very easily and deeply. .

What Is So Special About Pashmina? 

Good quality Pashmina protects the wearer against extreme weather condition. This is due to a simple fact that Pashmina insulate the wearer from the external environment which means that the body temperature remain constant throughout the period of wearing. The wearer will not feel extreme hot or cold underneath the Pashmina.

This is not surprising since the soft fur of Pashmina come from CHYANGRA, the mountain goat which live in high mountain at altitude over 9,000 ft! The creature will have only its fur to protect itself from severe cold and fierce blitz occurring frequently in the high mountains

What about care for Pashmina ?

Hand wash in lukewarm water using your hair shampoo. Be sure to dissolve the shampoo thorough then put the scarf into water. Wash colored things separately.

Do not bleach.

Squeeze gently, do not twist or wing. Twisting the wet Scarf would stretch the shape of your scarf.

Dry flat after removing excess water, away from direct heat and sunlight.

Press with damp cloth.


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Only $30.00

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