Barmah 1018 VB Vintage Squashy Kangaroo Hat

Only $79.95

The Barmah 1018VB Kangaroo Leather hatis great in the outback, Squashy and ideal for travelling.

Number One Seller year in year out. This is a worn in , lived in look that is not for the faint hearted. Each and every hat is different as Kangaroo Leather is not a harvested leather, it is wild , untamed and unique in every way. 100 % Australian, 100 % lived in and our number one selling leather hat. 

**Pls note Kangaroo leather, whilst soft, is harvested from a wild animal and therefore has natural imperfections and differences to enhance the weathered and used look. Every hat has different shades and is unique. It has a worn in , lived in or weathered look. Kangaroo leather is not consistent like calf leather and should be treated as such. Thanks**


Main Features Of Barmah Leather Hats

The original hat-in-a-bag

Made in Australia using Australian kangaroo leather

All kangaroo hides are obtained under the Australian Federal Government’s Wildlife Protection Act

Marks and scratches on our kangaroo leather hats are considered a natural feature

Barmah kangaroo leather hats combine the following unique features to make a great outdoor hat:

– Fully packable

– Super-light and strong – kangaroo leather is the strongest leather for its weight

– Water resistant 

Please note all Kangaroo Products sold are from controlled and approved Australian Regulated Sources in line with Current Australian Approved Control Methods. The Australian Federal Government controls the procurement of native Australian leathers such as Croc Skin, Kanagaroo and other native leathers. Commercial Wildlife License for export of controlled leather is approved, valid and available 

Only $79.95

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